Grade 5-7 Camp 2


2019 Parent Letter for Grade 5-7 Camp #2

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are excited as we prepare for another camp season! Please take some time to review this letter to make sure that you are clear on what to expect during your child(ren)'s time at camp. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

This summer our Theme is "Which Way?" where we will be looking at what the Bible says about how Jesus is "...THE Way..." - John 14:6
Here are some things you should know about the week of camp:

1. Campers should arrive on Monday morning between 9:15 and 9:45. Parents are required to accompany camper to registration in order to sign and drop off liability forms.

2. Camp is done at 1:30 on Friday July 26, 2019, we ask that you please pick up your child on time.

3. Each camper needs to have a signed release form and medical history form signed by parent or guardian. If you are not dropping off your child at camp on Monday July 22th, please fill out the liability waiver attached at the end of this email. If you are dropping off your child, we will have a waiver at the drop off for you to sign.

4. Please arrange to send a container of snack with your child for a day at camp. We are needing the following items for snack:
  • Fruit, Vegetables, dip, cheese, crackers, store bought sweets
  • *Pinelodge is a NUT FREE CAMP. Please DO NOT send any snack containing nuts.*
*Due to safe food handling regulations, we are no longer able to accept home prepared food.

5. Please send the following items with your child:
  • Hoodie or Jacket
  • Bible
  • enough clothes for 5 days (for warm and cold weather)
  • hygiene products (tooth brush and paste,soap, shampoo etc)
  • walking shoes
  • shower shoes (clean pair of flip flops)
  • Towel
  • sleeping bag
  • mattress or foam
  • pillow
  • flashlight
  • a hat
  • a bicycle helmet for when using unicycles.

6. Please do NOT bring:
  • Electronics
  • Cell Phones

7. Please remember that Pinelodge runs solely on the donations of parents and people in the community, so we ask that you please give as you feel led. We have a suggested donation of $75.00/camper, although the cost of running camp is much higher (2018 costs for this camp was on average $240/camper). If you so choose, you can always donate by cash or cheque --- but another option is that you can now also donate securely on our website using either Mastercard or Paypal. If you are paying by cheque, make them payable to "Pinelodge Bible Camp".

8. Pinelodge believes that modesty in dress is important for all of our campers because we want to glorify God even through that, and therefore we have the following guidelines for dress code:

      a. Shorts must be to the knee when camper is standing, to the discretion of the camp director
      b. Sleeves must be wide enough to at least cover the collar bone (t shirts are always best)
      c. Shirts must be long enough so that skin is not showing between shirt and bottoms
      d. No offensive or disturbing art or sayings on clothing
      e. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times outside
      f. Overall, clothing should be modest.

9. Please check your child’s hair for any lice. A lice check will also be done at registration before campers are allowed to go to their cabins. If a camper does have lice, they will unfortunately not be able to attend the week of camp. We also will be doing all we can to avoid the spread of lice including wearing shower caps when ziplining and reminding campers not to sleep head to head or share hats, combs, etc.

10. Please remember to pray for the campers and staff this summer.

11. If you are considering helping us this summer, please let us know before the beginning of camp so that you can go through some brief training.

12. If for any reason you child is unable to attend camp, please let us know before the week begins. At times, we have campers on waiting lists to get in.

13. If you are not the parent or guardian of a camper or you registered someone else’s child online, please make sure to send them a copy of this letter.

14. If you require any further information please call Jason Neustaeter at 780-928-2565 or 780-247-1484.


Jason Neustaeter
Camp Director
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